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Our Simplest interior and exterior package.

Simplest Detailing Package

The Simplicity Package is a wonderful way to experience our outstanding service without breaking the bank. Image that your car is in …

First step in cleaning

Our secret service

I have a secret to share! We actually have a service that costs only $35. It is an inexpensive full service car …


Super + Premium = Supremium!

We are all about Supremium Service! Its our #1 selling service and that’s because it includes a full interior detailing along with …

Exclusive to K. Wallace Signature Detail

Always bet on Blackout Service

Ever wonder why your beautiful black car only looks good from a distance? When you step closer you see the imperfections, the …


Shine Bright like a Diamond!

This article features an upgraded service called the Diamond Shine. It’s a step above the normal. It’s really a step above a …

Totally Buff, Dude

Another one of our very popular services is called Totally Buff. This is something that is in demand for those that want …

Grand Opening Sale Going on NOW

  Cheap yet amazing detailing happening at 125 Westchester Ave. in White Plains. These prices wont last (or else there’ll be a grand …


Winters coming….

  Soon, regardless of if you like it or not, it’ll be cold. No more drop tops, no more windows wide open. …

buff right out

How do I buff out scratch?

Buffing is fine art and should be left to the professionals. it involves heating up the clear-coat just enough to get it move. Thats a procedure that can end very badly. Luckily there are professionals like K. Wallace Signature Detail to use years of experience to create a mirror finish.