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Auto Detailing Services: Executive Wash (Our version of a car wash)


First step in cleaning
First step in cleaning


Every exterior service starts with an Executive Wash (Wallace’s version of a car wash). Using the two bucket system, a method that greatly reduces damage that improper washing can cause, each vehicle is pampered with black cherry soap. This is no ordinary soap because Black Cherry Shop uses a special formula that lifts dirt up and away for a scratch-free shine. The soap is also infused with waxing polymers that helps protect waxed finishes and leaves a shine that an ordinary soap cannot attain. Tires are treated with an innovative water-based, silicone tire shine gel that produces the high gloss finish previously found only in solvent-based dressings. The advantage of using a gel is that it produces a higher/longer lasting shine and does not sling.

As with all of our exterior services, each vehicle receives a complimentary vacuuming. Not just a quick vac, this service is called “Deep Vac” because we use an assortment of vacuum attachments along with long stemmed brushes in addition to our 6.5 horsepower vacuum cleaner to offer a superior cleaning. We remove mats and even get the trunk. We top it all off with an interior wipe down to add a beautiful touch to a job well done.

Come on down and see how the hands of experienced, paint correcting detailers can make a simple car wash look scientifically complex.

– Kyie Wallace

K. Wallace Signature Detail

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