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Always bet on Blackout Service

Ever wonder why your beautiful black car only looks good from a distance? When you step closer you see the imperfections, the faded color, and dull finish? That’s because a black car shows its true color. It screams to the world when its being neglected. There’s no hiding the fact that you skipped a wax, or went to a cheap car wash. And when black is mishandled, we all know.

That’s why K. Wallace Signature Detail offers and exclusive service called the Blackout Service. If you see this service anywhere else, its been copied. But like the Colonel says, you can copy my recipe, but you can cook my chicken!

What makes the Blackout what it is? Well after we do the normal car wash, paint clay, rim cleaning and window shine, we add a black paste polish. This step helps cover up many imperfections, much like make-up. It also helps restore oil in the paint that the sun strips away daily. After that we use a black wax that adds depth to the color. This is how we get the fine complements that we receive when we’re done.

When all is said and done, you’ve got the black out again.

Blackout Service only at K. Wallace Signature Detail

The Westchester @125 Westchester Ave, White Plains – Parking Level P1 Area B

914-340-4494 /

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