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Exterior Detail

like bubble wrap for your car.

Auto Detailing Services: Wash & Wax

  – K. Wallace Signature Details Wash and Wax service explained – Every exterior service starts with an Executive Wash which utilizes the …

buff right out

How do I buff out scratch?

Buffing is fine art and should be left to the professionals. it involves heating up the clear-coat just enough to get it move. Thats a procedure that can end very badly. Luckily there are professionals like K. Wallace Signature Detail to use years of experience to create a mirror finish.


Get Your Wax On!

Wax is the most important part of exterior care. No matter what car you own, its important to protect it.

Faded trim revived.

Sun of a bleach!

K. Wallace Signature Detail can replenish the oils missing from your cars exterior plastics and rubbers.

cutlass hood A3

Old Cars Like New Cars!

Whether your car is 5 years old or 50 years old, one of the best ways to keep it looking new is by having it professionally detailed by K. Wallace Signature Detail…