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Winters coming….

  Soon, regardless of if you like it or not, it’ll be cold. No more drop tops, no more windows wide open. …

Cup Holder

Spills Can Turn Into Ills

Dont let a spill get ignored. There is much more involved when something hits the carpet. Fabric Guard can help, but a thorough cleaning is best


Eliminate Smoke Odor

Whether you drive a Ford Flex or a Fiat Mini, if someone’s been smoking in the car, it probably stinks. But wait, …


You Drive – We Clean!

You take care of the everyday messes in the house, we take care of the messes in your car. Think about it: when was the last time …


Benefits of Steam Cleaning

One day we bought a steam cleaner. Why? Well we kept hearing wonderful things about how fast it cleans, the areas that …

Bacteria Yeast and Molds

Free Baby Seat Cleaning

K. Wallace Signature Detail goes above and beyond by cleaning the baby seat with all interior services.