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How we became highest rated.

Giving people what they want and being highest rated is not always so easy. Ideally people want things done cheap, perfect and fast, but when it comes to art, perfection takes time, and time is money.

To make up for it, we deal with each car on a one-on-one basis. This means that we get up close and personal with every knook and cranny of each vehicle and our clients rave about it. This is exactly how we increase the value of the services that we provide.

Now I’ll be honest with you. Just like every landing isn’t always smooth, and every Mariah concert isn’t always the best (what, too soon?), we occasionally have our off days too. We’ve learned that when the stars align, there is nothing more that we can do except try our best. And I believe that the way we handle it is what gives us the leg up over the competition. We dont just say we have a money back guarantee, we actually give the money back. No arguing, no haggling, just a sincere apology for not delivering to our standards. Although it’s unusually rare, these things happen.

It doesn’t sound pretty, but it feels great to do the right thing. I, the owner, encourage my employees to always do what’s right. It keep us out of trouble and keep the clients happy.

We don’t ask or pay for our ratings, it’s our hard work that keeps us highest rated. So rest assured that your vehicle, your time and your business will all be treated with respect and professionalism. And hopefully one day you can add a 5 star review to our scorecard.

Gold star

Kyie Wallace


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