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Our secret service

I have a secret to share! We actually have a service that costs only $35. It is an inexpensive full service car wash too. It includes the face of the rims, the wheel wells, windows, vacuuming (including truck) and wiping down of the interior. And of course it also includes a carwash. But that’s not all. The secret to this service is that we use it to impress newcomers. So we’re always going above and beyond to make sure every car comes out perfect. We treat every car as if it were high end.

We are the best car wash & auto detailers near you. Let me explain way…

– The soap that we use is topshelf. Its high foaming action is meant to break up stubborn dirt.

– The water we use comes from a high pressure, but gentle electric power washer. Hard to reach isn’t hard to reach anymore.

– The cleaning hand mitts we use are always clean and so is the water!

– The vacuum has the highest horsepower on the market.

– The detailers are trained and monitored by K. Wallace himself.

If this isn’t reason enough to visit K. Wallace Signature Detail @ The Westchester Mall and request the “Executive Wash” then you just dont love your car as much as we do!

The Executive Wash, exclusive to K. Wallace Signature Detail. 914-340-4494

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