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Simplest Detailing Package

The Simplicity Package is a wonderful way to experience our outstanding service without breaking the bank. Image that your car is in need of some desperate detailing, but dont know if you want to go to that car wash/detailing center down the street or risk searching “The best detailer in nyc” on google. You get the courage to search to see how the neighborhood carwash compares and find K. Wallace Signature Detail… the highest rated auto detailer in the tristate area. But damn, the prices seem outrageous. “I mean, I know I get what you pay for, but wtf would I be getting”?? Then you search a little further and see that K. Wallace Signature detail offers an interior/exterior package call the Simplicity Package. It includes a hand wash and wax along with a mini interior. A mini interior? Ah, thats the trick, they dont do anything. NOT TRUE!

Our mini interior include a thorough vacuuming using the strongest vacuum cleaner on the market, crevice cleaning (the very same used in our critically acclaimed Total Interior Service), high end UV protectant/non-shiny/not greasy interior dressing, windows and chrome accents.

Hmmm. Not so bad. What’s the catch?? There isn’t a catch. K. Wallace is as honest as they come. The owner, K. Wallace himself, doesn’t want to make a mega profit. He just wants to make enough to pay his employees a reasonable salary, gain a great reputation and maybe save a little for a rainy day. That alone equals success in his mind. Why ask for anything more?

Just keep it Simple….

Simplicity Package exclusively at K. Wallace Signature Detail.

Only here @ The Westchester Mall. K. Wallace Signature Detail (914)340-4494

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