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Eliminate Smoke Odor

Whether you drive a Ford Flex or a Fiat Mini, if someone’s been smoking in the car, it probably stinks. But wait, …


All About the Details

If it wasn’t about the details, it would just be another car wash. At K. Wallace Signature Detail we offer a variety …


You Drive – We Clean!

You take care of the everyday messes in the house, we take care of the messes in your car. Think about it: when was the last time …


Beautifying the Beast

We’re experts at beautifying the beast. Detroit made your vehicle powerful; we make sure it turns heads on Main Street.

Fully Powered Mobile Unit

We Can Come to You!

We bring the water, electricity, tool and professionalism to you where you might be.


Discounts are here!

And who doesn’t a discount?!? Ever want to try our services but thought that they were too pricey? Well nows the time to …

mercedes exterior A7

Cherry Bomb!

Getting the whites whiter is easy, but what about the reds redder? Whether you drive a Ferrari, a Mercedes or a Hyundai, …


Clean Cool Engines

Love this photo of this Ferrari 430 Scuderia engine by Klaus Nahr. Ferraris are great looking cars inside and out. But why would anyone who doesn’t …

like bubble wrap for your car.

Auto Detailing Services: Wash & Wax

  – K. Wallace Signature Details Wash and Wax service explained – Every exterior service starts with an Executive Wash which utilizes the …