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Returning a Lease? Save money this way.

Returning your lease can be a nerve wracking experience. We’ve all heard the horrible stories of how one little scratch turned out to cost a fortune. That’s because in this world, especially in New York, people will take advantage whenever they can.

So here is what we’ve heard about lease returns, tell us if you’ve heard the same…

– If you’re exchanging a lease with the same dealership, they tend to be more forgiving about the condition of the car. But if not, expect to be nickel and dimed.

– During lease return inspection, the inspector does not give you the final bill. Instead, he will give you his best guess. The REAL inspection comes when the car is return to the dealership. That’s when the final bill comes in the mail. Be sure to be seated when you open the letter.

– Detailing the vehicle before returning it saves you money, even if you have a deductible. That’s because the dealership will make sure your damage comes out to be more than the deductible. But if you have the car detailed, they can’t find what doesn’t exist.

Besides, why worry? Simply call K. Wallace Signature Detail… the best, most reliable, trusted and professional detailers in the tristate area and ask for the Lease Return Package. Our lease return detailing is the best because it includes our exclusive total interior service, wash & wax service and scratch removal. We dont mean scratch cover-up, we mean properly removing scratches to make them nonexistent.

So dont worry, dont wait, dont hesitate. We can make it all better with our Lease Return Package. Only at K. Wallace Signature Detail here at The Westchester Mall in White Plains. Find us on Parking Level P1 in Area B or call 914-340-4494.

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