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Shine Bright like a Diamond!

This article features an upgraded service called the Diamond Shine. It’s a step above the normal. It’s really a step above a step above the normal. This is because we add a top shelf, high quality polish to the service. This polish contains many micro abrasives and heavy oil to smooth and fill. The abrasives smooth any unwanted scratches/swirls, while the oils replenish the color and fill in scratches that weren’t remove with the micro abrasives. The polish is applied by hand or by machine depending on the circumstances. If the car is not so damaged, then we’ll probably choose hand. But if the paint needs some correcting, the machine would help with that.

Why choose hand over machine, or machine over hand? Hand is used for delicate situations. For example, if a car has many intricacies, and we dont want to accidentally get polish where it doesn’t belong, or accidentally hit something with the machine. Machine is great because it simulates a perfect hand but at speeds not achievable by even the fastest human.

And as usual, we seal it all in with a paint that’s perfect for your car. By combining the wash, clay, and polish with a wax to finish you have the Diamond Shine!

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