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Super + Premium = Supremium!

We are all about Supremium Service! Its our #1 selling service and that’s because it includes a full interior detailing along with a very thorough exterior cleaning. When I say full, I mean cleaning the crevices, shampooing the carpets, seats and mats, steam cleaning and even scrubbing the roof. The outside will look like new. Bugs are removed, tar is dissolved, rims are shining, windows are transparent, and paint is poppin’.

It’s like premium service brought to the next level. Supremium! What makes this service better than the competition? Its K. Wallace. Me. I make sure my guys don’t miss ANYTHING. Like OCD. If you can’t do that, then you should go work for the competitors. We have a reputation to uphold. 5 stars or better.

So when the premium service from the other guys just isn’t hit the spot, upgrade to our Supremium Service. Only at K. Wallace Signature Detail.

The Westerchester Mall

Parking Level P1 Area B. White Plains, NY – 914-340-4494

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