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This Cherry Bomb isn’t illegal

Making cars look tasting since 2007
Making cars look tasting since 2007


This is the name of our very thorough exterior service. Its comprised of a wash, clay and wax. This is in addition to the rims, wheel wells, windows, complimentary vac and wipe-down of the interior components.

The key element of this service is the clay. Clay is used to harmlessly remove contaminants from the clear-coat. There are numerous elements that attach themselves to you cars paint. Some of these elements begin to sink into the clear-coat if left untreated. Once it gets that far, there is no fixing it without repainting.

Clayed paint is smooth to the touch. You’ll also see your paint more clearly, as the haze from oxidation is mostly removed.

Back in the day, you’d say this service was DA BOMB! Just dont say it on an airplane. Ch-ch-Cherry Bomb!

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@The Westchester – 125 Westchester Ave, White Plains or 914-340-4494

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