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Buff buff pass…

It seems that every caller starts the conversation with “how much does it cost to buff the entire car?”. The truth is, maybe only a quarter of those callers cars would actually benefit from compounding.

Noticed how I interchanged buffing with compounding? They are exactly the same. You add compound (liquid) to the buffer (machine) and exfoliate the clearcoat of the car. Now when you think of exfoliating, you think of removing the top layer of something to reveal it’s perfectly untouched underlayer. Same thing with cars, but unlike human skin, the layers dont regenerate. Once you buf the top layer of the car, the paint has one less layer of protection. And that’s perfectly safe for a few times (depends on the thickness of the clear-coat), but if you do it too many times, it can leave your cars paint vulnerable.

Quick note: clear-coat is the final layer that the manufacturers put on top of the paint to protect the actual paint itself. It’s clear, it’s hard and it’s meant to take damage. So every once in awhile you should have the damage removed through buffing. Buffing is not strictly cosmetic, it also serves the purpose of increasing longevity. How? There are certain things in the environment (i.e. berries, bird poop, eggs, etc) that can fall on the car and eat through the clearcoat and even the paint. If you buff it out of the clear-coat before it reaches the paint, you will avoid permanent exterior damage.

Some cars benefit from buffing more than others. Darker colored cars, older cars, and cars the have been through too many automatic car washes are usually great candidates. Also if you just have a scratch, like on a lease that you are trying to return, then just that area can be buffed to perfection.

Hopefully this article will help you make a decision when it comes time to take care of your paint. When you’re ready, give us a call @ 347-896-0474 or swing by our shop anytime between 8am-6pm @ 11 Sackman St, Brooklyn.

Thanks for reading

– Kyie Wallace

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