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Window tinting and the law.

When it comes to car window tinting and the law, many people have the wrong impression. Folks have such strong beliefs that they’ll argue with ME, and I know the law!

So here’s the truth about window tinting and the law in New York…

1- The darkest that you can go on the front drivers and passengers side windows is 70%. That means that 70% of the light that is shinned on the window must go through, and only 30% can be blocked. If you are concerned with UV rays, don’t worry, 70% film blocks as much UV as 5% film.

The police seem to choose a day to go tint hunting. That means that they will stand on the side of the road and hand pick which cars need to get pulled over to have their windows checked. Hefty fines and tint removal can amount from such stops. Know whats right when combining window tinting and the law.

2- Sedans must have no lower than 70% window tints on ALL front and back side windows. Many people think that its just the front side windows that are regulated, but that’s a myth. I.E. if you have a four door sedan, the 2 front and 2 back windows are not allowed to be any darker than 70%.

Now here’s a caveat… If you have anything bigger than a sedan, like a minivan, station wagon or SUV, then those side back windows are not regulated, so as long as you have side view mirrors. Don’t ask. Just know that in these vehicles, the fronts have to be at least 70% but the backs can be as dark as you want.

Please note that all owners can tint their back windshields as dark as they want but you may NOT tint your front windshield at all.

Knowing how to apply window tinting and the law can save you a heap of trouble. Also coming to K. Wallace Signature Detail to fulfill your window tinting needs can save a headache too. We have trained experts applying the highest quality film to your windows and we offer a limited lifetime warranted on all work. That leaves you with NOTHING to worry about.

Call 347-871-2633 or visit 11 Sackman St, Brooklyn for samples and quotes.

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